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On February 27th 2014, the Government launched a consultation on its Child Poverty Strategy. A a review of evidence of the drivers of child poverty for families in poverty now and for poor children growing up to be poor adults, shows that the most significant factor for the former, is lack of sufficient income from parental employment and, for the latter, the main driver is poor child educational outcomes.

However, this only focuses on a financial measure.

In this Deeper Look section, we look at the evidence, based on surveys of more than four million children and youth from all backgrounds and situations,about a set of skills, experiences, relationships, and behaviours that enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults.

Read more here.

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Saturday 26 April
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10:00amCommunity Money Advice -... @ Aberdeen
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Social action can play a significant part in bringing churches together to advance God’s kingdom. The Nightshelter currently running across Brighton and Hove is one such example. For the last 3 years over the winter months, a different church has
The Depaul Box Company social enterprise was started by a youth homeless charity called Depaul UK. Instead of just relying on donations, they wanted to act like a business to raise money, rather than a charity. So they thought oout of the box.
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Videos of four sessions at the Churches that Change Communities 2013 Conference have now been made live on the Jubilee+ site.
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Evidencing social impact is a valuable part of a charity's or social enterprise's management information which helps better decision-making, improved delivery and enhanced social impact. It can be used to attract funding of initiatives and reporting
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I became Christian when I was 15 years old and for the first few years adopted a disturbing misunderstanding about God: I thought that the God of the Old Testament was mainly concerned with rules and laws, and then Jesus came and was more interested in
I started writing this blog shortly after the launch of Jubilee+. It seems a long time ago and much has happened in that time. My aim has been to provide some commentary on social issues relating to the work of Jubilee+ and to offer
Sometimes we get the impression that all the action in the Church is based in the south-east and London. It’s certainly true that there are a lot of large churches in that particular part of the country. Also, as far as social action is concerned,
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Churches in the UK are responding significantly to the social challenges in their local communities

December 2012

Hours spent by volunteers in UK Churches on local social action initiatives have increased by 36% in two years to 98M hours.

In spite of the current economic problems, funds given by UK Church members that were spent on social action initiatives have increased by 19% in two years to £342M.

There has been a rapid diversification by churches - the average number of social action initiatives undertaken by a Church has risen from 5.7 to 8.2.

Staff time is calculated as 55M hours in support of social action initiatives. This is equivalent to roughly 1 hour of staff time to 2 hours of volunteer effort.

The total contribution to social initiatives is probably above £2.5bn per annum.



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